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Kotwica 1


My name is Kamil Lukasczyk and I have always been fascinated by designing and working with my own hands. My great-grandfather, who made fishing rods and floats by himself, has engrafted it in me. As a little boy, I looked at him with fascination and asked myself a question - when will I be like that? I often bothered him when I wanted to 'help' him, but he didn't mind, and it was stoking my love to handwork. Being able to create a concept, a plan and following it towards the final product is a feeling like no other. It is a feeling that draws a smile on my face every day. There is something special about leather that simply captivates me every day. Its delicacy, touch, smell, sound during use - I love it!


Apart from working on leather products, fishing and smoking a pipe, I also like art. I think this can be seen in my projects. Every detail has to be perfect, and the colour has to be well chosen. Many times I wonder about the general concept and write it down on a piece of paper. Then I finally see what else I can add or change to make the final product perfect.


As a manufacturer of leather products, I am obliged to check the origin of my leather so that there is no question of child labour, exploitation or slavery during its tanning or production. All my leather comes from Italy, England or Poland from verified suppliers. When buying my product you can sleep well.


Thank you very much for visiting my small shop, hoping that you will like the products and they will serve you for a very long time.

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